Nanny Shutdown v1.2

This tool will automatically shutdown your computer after consuming a predefined time credit a day. I made this tool to temper the time my kids were playing computer games. Perhaps also a solution for computer widows or widowers ;)


-You can apply a time credit to the total computer or to each user individually. If you specify it at the user level, the first time the user is logging on, he/she will be asked to specify the personal time credit. You can stop and restart your computer as many times a day you wish. The tool will take into account all those different timeslots.

- Version 1.1 supports multiple spoken languages.

- At the user level you can specify a unlimited time credit (shutdown will never happen to this user)

- This tool is running in the system tray, as a 'power plug' icon. If you hold the mouse pointer on it it shows your daily time credit left.

- During the last hour the user will be notified multiple times with spoken warnings. (1hour - 30min - 15min - 10min - 5min - 1min). I specially designed it this way so it will not interferes games with pop-up screens. You will hear the messages even in the middle of your favorite game.

- You can have Nanny Shutdown to start with each computer boot.

- Each day your time credit is refreshed. A new day start at midnight.

- If you ignore the vocal warnings, your computer will shutdown. If you restart afterwards the computer will shutdown again after 5 minutes. Or you should logon with a user who owns still time credit. Counters are reset each day.

- You are free to change the content of the spoken messages. Just keep in mind to respect the exact filenames and file type (.wav)

- Tested platforms : Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. Runs not on Windows 9x

- Enjoy and if you have any suggestion please feel free to email them :  freeware @


What is new in version 1.2 :

- System tray icon is right click enabled.
    Options depend of user rights (administrator or user) The administrator is the user who made the first program start
    and went over the first configuration window. All other users will have the user level. There can only be 1 administrator.

- The only right click option for users is the about window. In this window you discover your rights and which user owns the
    administrator rights.

- The administrator options are :
    - Settings...
        ∙ Able to change the language of the spoken messages.
        ∙ Able to change the system uptime if Nanny Shutdown is applied to the system
        ∙ Able to change startup options
        ∙Able to re-assign Nanny Shutdown to the system or to each user individual
        ∙ Setting to revoke the individual user setting at next user logon
    - Check web...
        ∙ Opens the homepage on the web for more info.
    - About...
    - Exit
        ∙ Allow the administrator to close and quit Nanny Shutdown

Icon :    


Nanny Shutdown and Windows Vista support.

Nanny Shutdown works fine on Windows Vista if you disable UAC support.

How can you do this ? Open up Control Panel, and type in "UAC" into the search box. You'll see a link for "Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off" Click on this link and on the next screen you should uncheck the box for "Use User Account Control (UAC)", and then click on the OK button.: That's it!  Remember your PC needs to reboot before it get active.    

(With special thanks to John Lanooy (NL) for this feedback.)


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